Your company's lease is coming up and you have decisions to make.


How can we help?

  • We cut our teeth as developers and owners, so we know your landlord's "hot buttons" and know how to get the best deal

  • You are not just hiring a "broker."  We use a full-team-approach that encompasses financial, legal, construction and market expertise 

  • We are Northeast Ohio focused.  We live here, love and know our city, the market, and the players. 

Our services.  Expertly provided at no cost to you. 

  • Market survey and analysis

  • Site selection & building tours

  • RFP and proposal generation

  • Financial analysis and cost projections

  • Negotiation and final transaction structuring

  • Ongoing support after lease-signing

A representation of just some of our valued clients: 

How are our services provided free of charge?

Very simply, our market fee is paid by the Landlord, not by you.   We allow you to focus on what is most important - running YOUR business - while we do all the heavy lifting on the real estate side:  market analysis, showings, negotiations, floorplan review, and so much more.  

Contact us.  We'll take a look at your lease and your monthly billings for free, and tell you what your options are to get the best deal in the best location.

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